The Electric and Hybrid Marine World Expo

The Electric and Hybrid Marine World Expo
The Electric and Hybrid Marine World Expo

The Electric and Hybrid Marine World Expo was held recently in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

At the show, German battery manufacturer Akasol AG announced it was providing power for a new hybrid super yacht developed by an Italian company whose first generation AKA System 15 OEM battery system will be used on hybrid ships.

The yacht can cruise short trips at peak speeds of up to eight knots and be powered by a lithium-ion battery system for up to 17 hours. Akasol also demonstrated its second generation AKA System OEM PRC yacht, which provides 33 percent more energy than its predecessor.

Akasol has the capacity for battery systems for 1,500 all-electric buses or up to 6,000 electric commercial vehicles.Its main battery customer in Germany is Daimler, which previously produced AKASYSTEM OEM for the mercedes-benz eCitaro electric bus, with a storage capacity of 25KWh per battery pack and a maximum capacity of 294 KWh.

Akasol also announced plans to expand its battery capacity at its Langen plant in Germany to 800MWh power cells by 2020.

Nidec ASI S.P.A., a Japanese manufacturer, also unveiled new batteries for the shipping industry at the show, with special configurations that could reduce the number of modules and converters per battery pack.

In the short term, the use of battery technology is likely to be most effective in inland and coastal shipping, including ferries, passenger transport and small cargo transport, experts say.This is the most advantageous, first of all, the journey is short, do not worry about the battery life, second, the docking time and docking point are relatively fixed, you can recharge regularly.

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